About Us

Techsima is an emerging force in the software and application development learning arena. With numerous programming languages to learn and know inside out, you need a resilient and comprehensive learning structure with an interactive classroom atmosphere. This is where Techsima comes to the fore.

At Techsima, we provide-

  • Summer training programs
  • Internship training programs
  • Apprenticeship training programs
  • Vocational training programs
  • Industrial training programs
  • Winter training programs

Choose a training program that aligns with your goal and vision, and advance your career to new heights with Techsima.

Our Story

With big aspirations in their minds and courage in their hearts, his team collectively came to the idea of starting Techsima in 2022.

Techsima was founded to pursue a mission of providing broad and quality learning in the field of software development in the city of Ayodhya. The team has made continuous efforts towards making this learning experience affordable and interactive for the students.


Creative thinking

Techsima’s software development training programs are curated in such a way that makes learning all fun and engaging. By the end of the software and app development courses with Techsima, the learner will be efficient in problem-solving with a creative approach. The learner will be on par with the industry’s skill requirement and can pave their way ahead in their career full of confidence.

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